How does Set to Wed work?

We rent all your last decor items that most weddings need in one easy set.
1. Pick your wedding style - classic, rustic, or vintage. 
2. Customize your set - Each set comes with 7 base items that every wedding needs. And since each wedding is different, you can add 3 more items that works best for you. 
3. Reserve your dates - You'll receive the set a few days before your wedding date so you can write on your signs.
4. Receive your set - We deliver to your home. Everything is packed neatly in a large box with labels on all items. Bring this box to the wedding and set it up in just a few minutes! 
5. Pack it up! No need to keep things that you'll only need once. Pack everything back up in the box and we'll come back to pick it up. 


What's the cost?

It costs $250 to rent the entire set. This includes free delivery and pick-up.


Does the number of table number signs change my price?

No, just let us know how many you need and it's all included in the price (up to 30).


I don't need everything in the set. Can I swap out some items?

Yes! If you don't need something that's included in the base items, you can definitely swap out for another add-on item. Just include in the notes section in your order, or just contact us directly at contact@settowedla.com


I like some items from a different set. Can I mix and match? 

Yes, but this depends on availability. Email us at contact@settowedla.com with your wedding date and what you want to swap and we'll see if we have the other item available for you. 


I want my wedding to be personalized. Can I customize anything?

We want your wedding to feel unique and personal too. Here are the items that come personalized:  1) Each welcome sign comes customized with either your names or your initials, and the wedding date. You'll fill out how you want your names to look at check out, and it will be written for you on the welcome sign. 2) The wooden letters also come in your two initials.  3) You'll also get to personalize your own blank sign (chalk pen included). 4) Some add-on items are customizable - the hashtag sign, extra blank sign, photo frames, etc.  


Where do you deliver?

Currently we are serving the Greater Los Angeles area. Please see this service area map for where we deliver. 


Do I need to be home for delivery/pick-up of the set?

Yes, someone needs to be home so we can make sure we answer all questions and that you receive the set safely. 


Can you pick-up from us directly from the wedding venue?

Most of the time, yes. Please include the venue address in the order notes and the time we can come to start packing up. We'll follow up to make sure we have all the correct information. 


I like the idea of renting, but how can I be sure the items are in good condition?

Our products are meant to enhance your wedding and we want them to look beautiful too! They should look like new since we take good care by cleaning after each use. Each item is also packaged securely in the big box to prevent damage.


What if a guest breaks an item? 

Depending on the item, we should be able to fix it. If repairs don't work, we will just charge the retail price as if you bought it.  Don't worry though - this doesn't happen often.


Can I cancel my order or change my reservation info?

We know there may be changes in the planning process. You have 7 days after you place your order to cancel. And just email us at contact@settowedla.com if you need to change anything regarding your order. 


Don't see your question? Just email us at contact@settowedla.com and we'll get you an answer!